Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cool Package Design - Hooks

Over at The Die Line I found another cool product, this time we have hooks that were repackaged by Essem Design
Here we have a cool triangular product packaging and sleek design. They have small cutouts to denote the amount of hooks that are being purchased and come in two colors.

If anyone hasn't yet caught on, I like the packages with only two colors.


So I don't know who else is excited about the new Tron: Legacy movie coming out tomorrow, but here are some posters fount at OMG Posters!.

Completed by Alamo Drafthouse in association with Sideshow Collectibles, these posters are now for sale at the paltry sum of $40 at

The one on the left is for the original Tron movie, while the one on the right is from Tron: Legacy, interesting concept, and it is father and son next to each other.

Cool color choices, get there now and get one before they sell out.

Also, all music is done by Daft Punk. I don't know if that interests anyone else, but... Daft Punk!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Big Ten Reveals New Logo

With the addition of a 12th team to the Big Ten College Football Conference, the division decided to add a new design to the group.

Designed by Pentegram Designs, the "I" and "G" are incorporated to look like the number 10.  They decided to leave out the hidden number for the amount of teams as the old logo had.
The old logo worked in the number "11" to show the number of teams in the conference, but the new one decided to go in another direction.

Divided into two conferences, the "Leaders" which includes Ohio State, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Penn State, and Wisconsin. The "Legends" conference will include Michigan, Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Northwestern.

I personally loved the look of the old logo and the way they incorporated the "11" into the design but the new one may have its benefits as well.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cool Packaging

So since we did the packaging project, I have become obsessed with The Die Line. It shows inventive ways people package products and interesting labels people use.

They recently posted a spaghetti packaging that is inventive and reminds me of our one classmates project.
There are six individual servings in this product, each in a triangular box, when combined they form these hexagonal products.

These were actually done by a college student, the project was to redesign the packaging for a hard to package object, the choices were spaghetti, marbles, a single rose, or custard powder.

This is an inventive and fun way to package spaghetti and hopefully it gets implemented so I don't have to deal with an entire box of spaghetti every time I want some.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Show and Tell, Package Redesign

In my infinite search for the perfect show and tell item, I happened upon this.  The door stopper.
It is a humanized door stopper, this poor little guy looks like his foot is caught under a door for the image.

It is a humorous way to stop a door, and perfect at that.  This little guy shows his pain in getting his foot stuck under the door, one foot is pushing to free himself as his two hands hold the foot in pain.  Humorous and purposeful, the perfect christmas gift.

The Color Of The Year

So for all those Pantone fans out there. Apparently Pantone picks a color that they project to be the most popular for the next year, and this year it is... Honeysuckle!

So for the next year this reddish-pink color will be the color to design with for EVERYTHING.

Last year the choice was turquoise which, in hindsight, was very popular indeed.

So for all those out there looking for design color help, honeysuckle may have the answer for you!

Full article can be found here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Book Cover - The Interrogative Mood

Here is a book jacket that I found interesting.
On the top is the cover, the bottom shows the full jacket.

The stand-alone cover without words is pretty interesting, while the rest is kind of word heavy. The color palate stays the same throughout, black and light red. The cover shows a person squeezing the question mark, standing for the interrogation technique taught throughout the book.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Movie Time! Part Two.

Ooooh, check the title, a part two! I wonder how many possible parts we may be getting out of this ordeal? Three? Twelve? Probably just this one.

So the last video did not reach the requirements for a blog show and tell post so I figured I would go above and beyond and show the greatest short movie in the history of movies.



You Should Be.

Click Here to Make Your Brain Explode!

So the above link is for Tim Burton's short movie Vincent, a movie where a young boy wishes to be more like is idol, Vincent Price.  I figure it is relevant since my movie project is about Mr. Burton; and aside from his amazing art career, I recently found out that he has also made a few movies! So enjoy watching claymation at its finest, you earned it.

Movie Time! Part One

So here I am, the night before class as usual, a bottle of wine deep and two projects to go.

So we now interrupt the regularly scheduled homework for blog updates.

A few years back a small car company by the name of BMW decided to hire the best directors and get some of the hottest stars of the time and make high profile short movies that were approximately six minutes too long to be considered a commercial. I have no idea where these aired, but they are readily available all over the internet.  Here is one by the great Guy Ritchie featuring his wife of the time Madonna as well as Clive Owen. Click Here!

I guess this one is alright, I was going to show you the other ones but I am hoping to drag another blog post or two out of them.  If you are too impatient, feel free to search "BMW commercial" something will pop up.

They are great shorts that barely even relate to the fact that Clive Owen is driving a BMW.
And I know we are not supposed to post commercials so I will post something else shortly.

P.S. Sorry for the rambling. Alcohol.

Coffee Cups!

So the website ClickForArt released a series of coffee cups to deal with all moods.
For the happy people out there we have the Blossom, a beautiful print of a blue flower on the side of a cup as well as a saucer to go along with it.  Next, for the sadder or more metal people out there, we have a Day of the Dead style womens face and a matching saucer to go along with it. Lastly, there is the ambivalent, a HONEYSUCKLE (read last post) flower that can go either way.

This is a cool group that may not really go together, but individually they are beautiful.