Thursday, March 17, 2011

I will make a movie poster now

So here I sit, St. Patrick's Day, 10PM.

I need to write a paper for one class by "business close" tomorrow, which means it needs to be done tonight, since I work until businesses will be closed tomorrow. Since I need to wake up at 5:30 I decided that I am a responsible adult and cannot drink too much since I need to be coherent for work tomorrow. As a true adult, I decided to drink as much beer as possible (while wearing my rebellious red shirt with a small green dot instead of a green shirt).

Too many beers later I now sit in front of my computer contemplating what to write this paper about.

The paper is a creative brief for a movie poster, the movie is of our choosing. After I decided to be responsible and come home from bar time, I wanted to look through the movies I owned and see what posters I could make out of the choices given. I glanced through my VAST book/movie shelf to find the only movies that I own were "Rocky" movies 1-5, and Rocky Balboa. So of the six movies I own, 100% of them are starring Sly Stallone in his masterpiece.

A movie starring sly did not offer much hope for a design inspired poster. I dug deeper, into the much despised lower shelf, my hand hit a bit of plastic.
"Is this a movie case?" was my first thought
"Is this the best poster project ever?" was my hopeful thought

It turns out DJ Hero's DJ Turntable feels slightly like a movie case when a person is desperate.

(not a dvd case)

So I screamed to my roommate, "WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE BESIDES ROCKY?"
He responds, "Um, I dunno, Rounders?"

So therein lies the story of how the greatest "Rounders" movie poster ever was made.

My next post will include design in some way, I promise.

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