Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cool Packaging

So since we did the packaging project, I have become obsessed with The Die Line. It shows inventive ways people package products and interesting labels people use.

They recently posted a spaghetti packaging that is inventive and reminds me of our one classmates project.
There are six individual servings in this product, each in a triangular box, when combined they form these hexagonal products.

These were actually done by a college student, the project was to redesign the packaging for a hard to package object, the choices were spaghetti, marbles, a single rose, or custard powder.

This is an inventive and fun way to package spaghetti and hopefully it gets implemented so I don't have to deal with an entire box of spaghetti every time I want some.


  1. OOooo I love this package design. If you are in the MFA program, you will have a chance to create another concept-based package design project (Business Design Link). The the class, the professors make it clear that artists are some of the most creative people, which makes the innovative mind of the artist perfect for inventing.

    Oh and by the way, will you you check out my new info-graphic? Here's a direct link.

  2. Loooveeee this idea. I need smaller portions in my life, and this would make it super easy. My current system of pulling half the spaghetti out and leaving the other half with the box flaps haphazardly shoved inward makes for a REAL mess when I pick up the wrong end.

  3. I really wish I had seen this a few weeks ago...might have inspired me to come up with something other than a rectangle box.