Thursday, December 16, 2010


So I don't know who else is excited about the new Tron: Legacy movie coming out tomorrow, but here are some posters fount at OMG Posters!.

Completed by Alamo Drafthouse in association with Sideshow Collectibles, these posters are now for sale at the paltry sum of $40 at

The one on the left is for the original Tron movie, while the one on the right is from Tron: Legacy, interesting concept, and it is father and son next to each other.

Cool color choices, get there now and get one before they sell out.

Also, all music is done by Daft Punk. I don't know if that interests anyone else, but... Daft Punk!


  1. So my boss is ecstatic about this remake. I don't remember the original too much to get excited, but the posters definitely have character. I bet they were fun to design....if only all of us could be movie poster designers.

  2. Sorry Rich - I have no interest in Tron, BUT these posters are pretty cool. Love the bright colors.